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Pre cut cutting service

Pre cut cutting service

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Love the fabrics want the cuts, this is the service for you, just add which cut you would like we will do the rest.

Embellishments not included -

each A4 fabric is 2 x precut service - ie 4 x A4 please add 8 x precut service if 4 is added you will be sent 4 x precut service and 4 x a5

In order comments please let us know which shape you want for each fabric - if you are unsure let us know :)

shape 1 - Loop and tail

shape 2 - Badge with tails

shape 3 - Tail scalloped loop and smaller loop

shape 4 - Fancy shape tail and 2 loops

shape 5 - Crown (this is cut and base of crown)

shape 6 - Crown, felt backing, base of crown

Shape 7 - Numbers

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